Casper Kowalik

I am Casper, 24 years old and the last 8 years I have developed my fitness hobby into a real passion. All my life I have been a sports fan. Parents and great-grandparents have all participated in sport at top amateur or professional level. The apple didn’t fall far from the tree. For example, from 6 years old I was not able to get off the football field and the tennis court. However, I had to quickly realize that the dream of a professional, contrary to previous generations, would not be realized. Then I set my goals on fitness. My fitness motivation started out extrinsically; gaining muscle mass and more strength were the primary goals. Over the years, these extrinsic goals have increasingly changed to intrinsic goals. In this way I have gained more and more insights into the immense benefits that consistent fitness has brought me. This has spread to other aspects of my life, I have started setting and pursuing other goals more quickly, with the discipline and consistency that fitness has brought me. Now I want to inspire others to go through a similar transformation and to help people through. fitness and nutrition, to get the best out of themselves (in collaboration with CBD and Sport 😉

Name: Casper Kowalik
Age: 24
Height: 183 cm
Weight: 83 kg
Sport: Fitness
Nationality: Dutch
Hobby’s: Fitness, Entrepreneurship, Fun and balance
Goals: Make a succes of the ‘Week Meals’ app, accomplishing my own fitness goals and my personal brand.

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